Solar Path. Wind Flow. 3 Side Open.


Lime. Tofu. Bamboo. All natural.


Solar. Wind. Lithium Ion.

Water Management

Rain Water. Low flow Pipes. RZCS.

Waste Management

Wet & Dry Seperation. Plastic exchange. Reuse.


E-bike. Charging Stations. E-Mobility.


Native Flora. Vegitable Garden. Herbal Garden.

Culture & Communication

Values. Ethics. Technology. Being Indian.

हरित अष्टांग मार्ग

The Orange County Group : A Construction Group with a Difference

{ And its eightfold path to the construction of a Green Home }

The modern ways of consumerism and the advent and ubiquity of modern technology notwithstanding, we, the human beings still carry the DNAs of our Paleolithic forefathers. The morning wind still calms us down, the first sunrays against our skin make us feel happier and more immune, and the nearby voice of a loved one makes us feel stronger and connected to the world.

Interestingly, the urban construction landscape in India and its associated methodologies and current practices run in contrary to the natural ways of living. The thoughtless destruction of land, there by disturbing the ecology of the area, introducing foreign flora and fauna in the name of fashion, and indestructible construction materials in the name of durability create havoc to the environment.

Creating extremely separated living units in the name of privacy create lonely households. Only because one can afford, one should spend- this ideology- create an army of self-indulgent Homo Economicus that’s neither a good news for the society or mother earth nor for the man himself.

Orange County Group seeks, believes and practices an eightfold path to conceptualize and create a sustainable green lifestyle for our citizens who live in a metro, a city or a town.

our mission & vision


Orange County Group seeks to usher Green Lifestyle in India by means of Green Construction and Constant Innovation while remaining customer centric and true to its Indian ethos.


To become the most preferred Real Estate brand in India for those who care for nature.


Sq. ft. of eco-friendly home



100+ Acres

India's first Carbon Neutral City


India's first energy surplus home


National & Inrenational Energy & Construction Awards


International Investment & Research Collaboration

Aspiring to be
India's First Carbon Neutral City

The most ambitious project of Orange County Group, till date, and is conceived to be the most technologically advanced city, in India so far in terms of sustainability, energy sufficiency and water conservation. Gathagram, Dehu, is being built in collaboration with Planquadrat, a Darmstadt based architectural firm; Hochschule Karlsruhe, a world renowned construction research university and the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany - a research organization of world class repute in environmental sustainability.

Philosophies & Policies


Design is the first conception of a green home. Design is holistic. From selection of the location of a site, decade long solar path analysis and the study of wind rose diagram to the choice of PLC based automation; everything comes under Design’s purview.


Construction materials of a Green Home is to be as close as a natural substance, and preferably a locally available substance. Lime for external finish, Tofu and Lime for internal colours, a Murum Road instead of a cement road are a few examples of green construction materials.


Sourcing energy from renewable sources, instead of fossil fuel; minimizing usage by using energy efficient appliances and fixtures; monitoring electricity meters, conscious culture building and inculcating frugal practices among the dwellers make most of our Energy policy.

/Water Management

Water management of a Green Home pertains to consuming water not beyond its natural replacement level, that involves loss free distribution, creating the means for and habits of low consumptions, recycling, rainwater harvesting, storage and chemical free, natural Sewage Treatment Plant.

/Waste Management

The principles of waste management are well defined: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The OCG waste manegement policies ensure the absolute implementation of those at every household level, may it be the separation of waste, convertion of waste into manure or bio gas and an exchange syestem of pastic material.


Implementation of sustainable transportation model is a most recent initiative at OCG. The homes are built with convenience stores, shopping and education districts around to avoid long travel. The transportation by electric cars, electric motor bikes are encouraged with free solar charging stations.


Indian urban space has lost much of its bio-diversity as a result of a construction boom. Planting native flora, instead of fashionable foreign plants; the use of drip irrigation technique, creating vegetable and herbal gardens to cater to daily needs is the way for ward to reverse the trend.

/Culture & Communication

The responsibilities of green homes, no matter how difficult, do not end only with the construction. The homes must be maintained well, the maintenance workers are to be trained, the household owners must communicate with each other and abide by certain principles to keep them green.

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