Green Building for Better Living

There is a major discord about the climate change currently going around the world. There is an apprehension that environment consciousness will hamper our present lifestyle and stall economic developments, that at closer inspection is proved to be false.

On the contrary, we propose that the lack of environment consciousness has made us chose a lifestyle that is not only harmful to nature but also quite uncomfortable to live day to day.

For an example, at Royal Orange County, during the height of a summer, in an externally lime coated building, one may experience upto 9 degree Celsius cooler temperature inside. That’s comfort and being environment positive at the same time.

The organically designed sewage treatment plants at Orange Life and OC2 purify water upto 99% of the statutory level of what is defined as drinking water. That is again not only an astounding level of purity, but more importantly, those plants are being run without electricity or usage of any harmful chemical.

A little change over box in every apartment, as we speak, is instilling good habits in every member of the households, to rely more and more on renewable energy than the energy drawn from the conventional grid, which in turn translates into more money saved for the families.

To tell the truth, a time has come for all of us to take a definite course of action, for living, and for believing and to think long term. That the required green technologies have already been built and are presently widely available. The processes have been formulated and the principles are being constantly defined and redefined. The green buildings are not a concept of the future anymore, they are here, and now, for better and more fulfilled living.