Project Milestones

  • Lime & Murum Road 2017
    Lime and Murum were mixed to create a permanent internal road at Orange Orbit.
  • Royal Orange County 2014-17
    The first residential project of its kind to demonstrate successfully UV resistant external colored Lime Plaster causing 8 – 9°C difference between outside and inside ambient temperatures on an extreme summer day.
    The first Five Star rated Green Residential Project in India (by TERI @ Pre-Cert level).
    The first Solar Net Metered Residential project in PCMC with expected Yearly Solar PV Energy Generation of 300 MWh.
    The owner of every apartment is gifted with 5 LED tube lights to promote energy conservation.
    The first Residential Project in PCMC to implement Natural Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with capacity of 250 Cubic Meter/Day that amounts to cleaning of 90 Million Litres of water per annum.
    Thereby making the Expected Annual Fresh Water Saving to be 28 Million Litres.
    A unique Terrace Rain Water Storage RCC Tank was built with a capacity of 1.2 Million Litres.
  • IIT-NCPRE Survey 2013
    IIT-NCPRE survey '12-'13 hailed Orange County 2 to be one of the few projects in India that was functional with standard energy outputs for 3 years among the 40 solar roof-top buildings in the country.
  • Lighting, Cooling & Water Harvesting 2013
    Experiments on solar passive design, radiant cooling technologies, naturally lit basements, rain water harvesting with the help of artificial well and recharge pits were conducted at the Orange Life commercial area.
  • RZCS 2013
    Orange Life became the first building in India to implement Root Zone Natural STP at its 3rd floor.
  • Lime & Rangoli 2012
    OC4 became the first multi-storied building (9 storied) to have its external plaster with lime, and external finish with lime and rangoli, to make it the first carbon neutral external plaster building in India.
  • Energy Storage 2011
    LiFePO4 storage of 36 kWh capacity was implemented for the first time in India at Orange Srushti, along with the implementation of DC – DC booster for each solar panel to gain efficiency for the entire solar array.
  • Renewable Energy 2007-2009
    Built the first multi-storied residential building in India to implement Roof-top Solar PV System and Small Wind Turbine to achieve 100% dependency on renewable energy for common areas as well for each apartment.
    Nominated by the LIMCA Book of Records for the same.
  • Architecture 2005-2007
    3 side open Architectural Designs with cross ventilation.
    Solar Passive Architecture.
    Home windows aligned to Ideal Wind Flow Pattern for natural air circulation.